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We envision a world where all people have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and the capacity to use that potential to advance their communities.

With each project, AWDC works to build communities of equity, where the opportunities available to men are not just equally available to women, but the means to exercise those opportunities are fair and accessible.

Women in Sarong
Image by Lenny Miles


Understanding the communities with which we engage -- their cultural norms, social mores, and traditions -- is essential to the success of all social development projects.

AWDC investigates the communities involved, the sentiment and attitude of the people to be reached, and the relevant political and economic climate to better inform our target population.

Image by Desola Lanre-Ologun


Significant local resources and good working relationships with community, business, and political leaders are important elements in the success of AWDC projects. From program design and implementation to evaluation and expansion, working with the right “on-the-ground” people has helped AWDC operate efficiently and at the grassroots level.

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