AWDC is working with partners in media and education to train the next generation of journalists in Africa.


AWDC hosts monthly workshops in Lagos, Nigeria to train journalists on topics including writing formats, sourcing content, conducting interviews, protection of sources, digital publishing, and related topics.   



AWDC supports networks of community health workers (CHWs) trained and equipped to provide information on health issues relevant to the communities they serve.  In Kano and Kaduna, Nigeria, AWDC-supported CHWs help increase the number of women who regularly participate in breast cancer screenings and promote prenatal-care and healthy contraception habits.

PLAN 20/20

AWDC is working to deploy, by September 2020, Mobile Health Vans (MHVs) outfitted with up-to-date diagnostic instruments to provide diagnostic tools, treatment follow-up with medications, and preventative information for at-risk individuals in medically underserved communities in Northern Nigeria. MHVs represent a much-needed and proven means to improve and upgrade healthcare services in rural areas of West Africa and Latin America, where populations are at high risk of on-going infectious and chronic diseases.



May 24-25, 2019, Cartagena will host the Colombian Women’s Leadership Summit, where 200 Colombian women will, through a series of workshops, learn leadership skills and career advice from 25 Women of Influence from the world of business, finance, technology, politics, healthcare, and social justice.